Hey there! My name is Courtney and I am The Highly Caffeinated Momster!

I am just a mom, with coffee and monster in her veins, trying to mom it up the best i can! I want to build a loving, safe, no judgement community for all of us Momsters out there.

Click the ‘About’ tab to find out more about Momsters and how this blog came to be, along with an idea for The NEW Mommy Mafia!

DIYs Galore

Craft should be my middle name! I craft everything. All of it. Any idea that floats by, my brain is like “how can I make this? We’re doing that!”

Food Stuffs

I love the foods. All things foods, really. I do the cooking, the baking, the freezer meal prep, the healthy kids food, the gluten free, the meatless, and of course all the buttery greasy delicious things too, all of the foods!

Momming Real Talk

All the trials, tears, and joys of motherhood, with quite a few WHAT THE FUCKs thrown around in there.

Little Llama, Don’t you know,

Mama Llama Loves you so?

Mama Llama’s Always near,

even if she’s not right here.

Mama llama

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